Sunday, 11 March 2012

My Lovely Mother - Sketched in 2011

Sketched her in my BFA 2nd year 1st Sem Assignment Submission, she is a great artist who doesn't come out into the society, a housewife who loves to explore and master any art. Because of her encouragement and love only I am able to sketch and paint like this. Due to increased responsibilities in life she is not left with time to paint up to her capability. She won 1st prize in Rangoli competetions in Andhra Pradesh. She is an expert in Oil painting, Fabric painting, Glass painting, Pot painting, Dress designing, Rangoli, interior decoration, Gardening, Carving,Miniature Art and the list will not and. Special thing about her is she didn't learn any kind of art from any where or any person, every thing she does is on her own with out any copy.
Love you maaaa..!!!.:-)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

My Imaginary Moon Light View - 1

One night I suddenly woke up from deep sleep at 12:20 AM with a moon light imagination. And painted this moon light view. This is my first moon light imaginary view........ Check my blog for my latest moon light imaginations further

My 2nd Oil Paint - My Younger Niece - Yet to complete

She is the daughter of my Younger Sis. She came to my room immediately after taking bath with wet hair. And I caught her left hand and asked her to turn back....I captured her image in a cam.....and made my first human oil painting on canvas....And I have painted the background of my room as it is, with my two other paintings on the right top corner...and the bed spread on the bottom left corner...and my left hand with which I actually caught her left elbow.........Still 20 % to paint...

My First Oil Paint - 2010

Friday, 25 March 2011

Manisha Koirala - 2001

This is my first Pencil Sketch Portrait. While I was sketching an insect stuck suddenly under my finger and made a mark on the right to her nose.

Aishwarya rai - 2002

I sketched it in the very initial stage when I started sketching.

Swami Vivekananda - Symbol of youth 2002

Madhubala - 2002 ( Old Bollywood actress )

My Friend - 2002

He is my Senior in college. It was during my initial days when I started sketching.

Aishwarya rai - 2002

Madhuri Dixit - 2002

Aishwarya rai - 2002

Its a pose of aish in Taal. A4 size sketch.

Madhubala - 2003 ( Old Bollywood actress )

Its a very popular pose of Madhubala. Its more than the life size.

Madhuri Dixit - 2004

I sketched very minute details in lips,eyes and hair. This is a special expression of Madhuri, with wet hair falling on her face.

Swami Vivekananda - Symbol of youth 2005

This is a total Chart Size pencil sketch, with very soft pencil strokes. 

Aishwarya rai - 2005

Its an A4 size sketch.

Rabindranath Tagore - 2006

Its an A4 size sketch, I completed it in a n hour.

Indira Gandhi - 2006

This is my first full chart size sketch. Its a very rare nice pose of Indira Gandhi. She was in a conference in some discussion and explaining something with her hands. So the position of the hand looks strange.

Bala Krishna - Its My Elder Niece - 2007

This is the life size pencil sketch of my 2 year old niece. I had taken a snap when she was hiding her face near a door. And looking her cute expression, I got an idea to show her as lord krishna in my sketch. And changed her dress style, sketched the ornaments on my own, and sketched that peacock feather. And created an environment of Gokulam, I created that building of those ages and sketched that designer pot with full of butter which kirshna loves !!!...............One special thing about this sketch was, my niece identified herself in that sketch at the age of 3 and told us " Its Me :-) ".........

Diana 2007

This is a life size Pencil Sketch. I have sketched it on a single stretch, started at 12:00 PM  and completed at 12:30 AM. It took 12 hours to sketch this, where I have designed the Crown on my own.  

Rabindranath Tagore - 2007

I have sketched this on a full ivory chart. This Pencil Sketch is more than the life size.

My Mom - 2008

Once we went to a tour, when my mom sat on a rock wondering at some thing, I have taken that snap and sketched her, I created the waterfall view on my own behind her in my sketch.

Mothers Love 2009

My latest sketch - 2009 ( Its Me )