Sunday, 11 March 2012

My Lovely Mother - Sketched in 2011

Sketched her in my BFA 2nd year 1st Sem Assignment Submission, she is a great artist who doesn't come out into the society, a housewife who loves to explore and master any art. Because of her encouragement and love only I am able to sketch and paint like this. Due to increased responsibilities in life she is not left with time to paint up to her capability. She won 1st prize in Rangoli competetions in Andhra Pradesh. She is an expert in Oil painting, Fabric painting, Glass painting, Pot painting, Dress designing, Rangoli, interior decoration, Gardening, Carving,Miniature Art and the list will not and. Special thing about her is she didn't learn any kind of art from any where or any person, every thing she does is on her own with out any copy.
Love you maaaa..!!!.:-)


  1. Beautifully done.. the expression is so neat and clear

  2. simply awesome .. cheers :)