Sunday, 1 May 2011

My 2nd Oil Paint - My Younger Niece - Yet to complete

She is the daughter of my Younger Sis. She came to my room immediately after taking bath with wet hair. And I caught her left hand and asked her to turn back....I captured her image in a cam.....and made my first human oil painting on canvas....And I have painted the background of my room as it is, with my two other paintings on the right top corner...and the bed spread on the bottom left corner...and my left hand with which I actually caught her left elbow.........Still 20 % to paint...


  1. Hi Raaj Sir,

    I mistook this for a photograph in the first place....You are a man of multiple talents...iRespect.

  2. Exactly :)
    This already looks complete ..
    and the concept of paintings inside a painting :)
    Exquisite Raaj :)